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About CURA

Clean Rivers, Clear Oceans



Our Mission: To protect rivers, protect the environment, and promote rural and urban sustainable development.


Chengdu Urban River Association (CURA) was established on 5th June 2003. We are a non-governmental organisation that promotes river protection and sustainable development, and are registered and approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.


Areas of work:  

·      Preventing water pollution

·      Sustainable ecological rural practices

·      Policy recommendations

·      Legal action

·      Research and academic exchanges on water protection

·      Public environmental education



CURA was started by a group of experts and researchers from the Chengdu Funan River Restoration Project. Our team is made up of full-time and part-time workers, with a core group of experts as well as volunteers of all backgrounds and ages.



Contact Information:

Phone: 86-28-86263969

Email: cura2005@126.com

WeChat: 长江清流cura200365

Weibo: @成都城市河流研究会

Facebook: Chengdu Urban Rivers Association

Contact Us

E-mail: cura2005@126.com

Phone Number:86-28-8626 3969

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