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Policy recommendations and legal action have always been one of our important tactics in solving environmental problems. 


October 2014              CURA began to educate the public on environmental law, strengthening the legal abilities of Sichuan’s NGOs. We organised many public events on environmental law, building a strategic partnership with Tai Hetai’s legal office.


1st January 2015          The new “Environmental Protection Law” formally came into effect. This was known as the strictest environmental law in history. This new law ruled that the public should have a role in protecting the environment, and entrusted qualified environmental groups to carry out environmental public litigation work. This provided the basis for social organisations to rely on legal means to govern the environment and push for environmental regulation.

2015-2016                   CURA started the Environmental Public Litigation Network, made up of lawyers, students and NGO workers.

May 2015- 2017          A group of experts and lawyers carried out an investigation into Zipingpu Reservoir and Sichuan Jiabowen. 

March 2017                 We brought a lawsuit against Sichuan Jiabowen for their pollution of the air. This was the first public lawsuit in Chengdu. 

June 2017                    Sichuan Jiabowen appeared in court due to allegations of air pollution. 

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