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Supervising Chengdu Water Environment With The Public

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Since being founded in 2003, CURA has responded to issues surrounding local water environments through various actions such as studies of pollution the Min River Basin area, significant policy proposals and sustainable ecological model villages. After years of river protection work, we are gradually giving people the power, resources and tactics to respond to local water problems.


CURA has always paid attention to urban water environments, and movements to ensure clean water sources. ‘Supervising Chengdu Water Environment with the Public’ was an important movement founded in 2016, funded by Alibaba.


Since 2015, following the announcement of the Water Pollution Control Action Plan, CURA has continued to pay close attention to the governance of black smelly rivers in the city. We found that this governance still wasn’t good enough, and parts of the river had returned to their previous state, proving the difficulty in keeping the river clean. 



Starting in 2016, CURA put together a group of volunteers with the aim of keeping the rivers clean, investigating all of the black smelly rivers in Chengdu. They surveyed 72 rivers in total, covering a distance of 600 kilometres. 

In 2017, CURA started a long-term investigation into some of the rivers, returning to the same spots at predetermined times. By the end of 2017, 35 sections of rivers were being supervised long-term, including 6 in Qingyang District, 6 in Jinniu District, 12 in Wuhou District, 3 in Chenghua District, 5 in Longquanyi District, 2 in Pidu District, and 1 in Wenjiang District, altogether coming to over 100 kilometres of river. 


CURA is runs “Riverside Holiday” events every month. These are public events where we share river stories and ways for the public to carry out river surveys, recruiting ever more members of the public into surveying rivers. 1

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