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In order to continue with our aim of creating sustainable ecological villages, CURA has worked hard at developing environmental education. At the moment, we have Water Environment Education Centres in both Anlong and Linshi Villages in Pidu District. 




In 2011, with the support of the WWF, CURA built the Water Environment Education Centre in Anlong Village. In 2014, Chengdu’s Science and Technology Department named the Education Centre at Anlong Village as a Public Scientific Education Base. The Environmental Education Centres are based on water. As well as showcasing Western Sichuan’s agricultural and water-based culture, they also act as a window and platform to develop the public’s environmental education, making everyone able to “know water, love water, protect water.”





CURA has researched and developed a variety of public science products, to teach people about river protection. These include a scheme to grade rivers’ health, conducting river visits, and providing sustainable ecological village lessons. We have also compiled some public science educational tools, such as “A Study of Chengdu’s Water Source Protection,” “Report on the Health of the Botiao and Fu River,” “Ecological Guidebook to Anlong Village,” “The Secrets of Spring,” “Anlong Farming,” “Taking the Pulse of Rivers- River Health Scorecard Operation Guide,” “Chengdu River Stories,” and “Why There are Craters on the Moon.” We also use video and photos to promote river protection ideas. Our videos include “Anlong Dreams,” “Fourth Brother Makes a Film,” and “Wang Cheng’s Story.” 




Using Anlong Village and Linshi Village as a base, CURA have continued to develop public environmental education events. Every year, Anlong Village receives on average over 30 groups, made up of government workers, students, experts, community members, schools, urban consumers, international NGOs, foreign university students and small-scale ecological farmers. Linshi Village is also gradually becoming a destination for foreign students visiting Chengdu. 


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