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What are your thoughts regarding the protection of the Min River?

Rather than the government investing some money in environmental protection, it's better that the rural population becoming the protectors of their environment. Rather than employing a group of people with no relationship to the earth beneath their feet to go and protect it, it's better to create a system in which those with a deep connection to the place are its protectors.

Tian Jun (Founder of CURA)

Let the Earth be filled with green leaves and fresh flowers; and let us give clean water and living fish back to nature.

CURA Expert Huang Shida

Clean Rivers, Clear Oceans!


The history of Chengdu's water management is the history of Chengdu's culture.

Water Management Specialist Chen Weizhong

This city has prospered because of its rivers, and it has suffered great losses when these rivers have dried up. Historically, the rise and fall of many cities has been because of water. A country's economic or political centre is often forced to move, or cannot develop fully, because of rivers. The loss of some civilisations and dynasties have also had a close connection with their water resources.

President of CURA and Lecturer at Sichuan University Tang Ya